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In Poland, the Art of Confession Gets Personal

Artists use their own stories to create more universal visibility in 'Ministry of Internal Affairs. Intimacy as Text.'


The Internet Got Catfished Again | Insta of the Week

Wow, Instagram celebrities are even more fake than you think!


50 Years of Media Art Collide in ‘Electronic Superhighway’

London’s Whitechapel Gallery exhibits computer and internet art by Nam June Paik, Cory Arcangel, Amalia Ulman, and more.


I Went to an Art Show About the Internet to See if I'd 'Get' the Internet Art

Since we now mainly use technology to judge ourselves, and because technology has made me cripplingly self-aware, I figured the show might teach me a couple of things about myself.


Making Faces: The Artists Who've Used Plastic Surgery in Their Work

From Alana Francis, who's exhibiting scans of her facial reconstruction surgery, to Genesis P-Orridge, who had a bunch of surgery to resemble h/er late wife.


Instagram Art Is a Joke, and It's on You

A growing number of artists have turned to Instagram to make work aiming to unsettle our comfortable relationship with technology.


Come On, Get Lonely

Some of our favorite lady artists are going to be in a group show on September 12 at Martos gallery in Chelsea. The show, titled Lonely Girl, got its name from the YouTube web series LonelyGirl15, which trolled the entire internet in 2006 by presenting...