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You Can Thank Amanda Bynes for Discovering Channing Tatum

In a new interview with "Paper," Bynes says she lobbied producers to cast a then-unknown Tatum in "She's the Man."
Zing Tsjeng

'She's the Man' Is the Most Important Soccer Movie of All Time

The 2006 cult classic taught me that gender cannot delineate a soccer field, a relationship, a feeling, or a talent. (And that, yes, gouda is the best cheese.)
Noa Azulai

Amanda Bynes Appreciation Post

In a new interview, the beloved teen-comedy star said she's been sober for three years and plans to return to acting after a seven-year hiatus.
Lauren Oyler
mental health

Behind the Mental Health Law That Kept Kanye West in the Hospital

Yeezy left the hospital earlier this week after being held on a 5150 psychiatric hold. His hospitalization follows a long line of female stars, like Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes, who have been held under the complicated California law.
Emalie Marthe

Gay Cult Leader JJ Brine Put a Spell on Kim Davis

At the Vector Gallery in Los Angeles, the self-proclaimed gay "crown prince of hell" performed a ritual to curse the homophobic Kentucky clerk.
Mitchell Sunderland
The VICE Guide to Mental Health

Why the Words We Use to Talk About Mental Health Are Important

The stigmatizing of mental illness continues to discourage people from seeking help or speaking openly about their experiences.
Oscar Rickett

New York’s Satanic Vector Gallery Is Closing

Satanic artist JJ Brine has decided to shut down his art gallery, one of the last few interesting spaces in the Lower East Side's sea of Chipotles and ATM machines.
VICE Staff

The Monarch Mind Control Mystique

Doctors have allegedly diagnosed Amanda Bynes with schizophrenia, but a faction of the internet believes Amanda is actually a victim of monarch mind control, an Illuminati practice supposedly used by Teen Nick to monetize and sexualize young starlets.
Emalie Marthe

Sky Ferreira on Turning 21, Weird Internet Rumors, and Amanda Bynes' Brain

Also, we find out what's up with Sky's long-awaited debut album. Yay!

Here's "Amanda Bynes," the New Music Video from Kidd Upstairs and XO

Wanna listen to a song that used Amanda Bynes as a thinly-veiled metaphor for cocaine? Of course you do!

Amanda Bynes Is About to Embark on a Singing Career, Apparently

Is this real? Is this bullshit? Does it matter?