Amazon Echo


Amazon's Alexa told someone to “kill your foster parents”

And that's not the only Alexa weirdness recently.


CYBER Podcast: The Security Advice You Should Give Your Friends and Family This Holiday

On this week’s episode of CYBER, Motherboard talks about the best security advice for friends and family this holiday, as well as those shiny new devices from the internet of things, including Amazon Echo and Google Home.


With Echo in Hotel Rooms, Amazon Can Now Track Your Travel Habits

Amazon (and hotels) now have the option to collect new forms of data from people.


BTW Joe Biden Makes Podcasts Now

The former vice president has started recording daily briefings, appropriately titled 'Biden's Briefings​,' where he'll dive in and discuss the news that tickled his fancy.


Hack That Turns Amazon Echo Into a Spying Device Can’t Be Fixed By Software Patch

The physical vulnerability affects devices from 2015 and 2016.


Apple Thinks You’ll Pay Double for Its Smart Home Speaker

Apple is positioning HomePod as a premium music device, with a price tag to match.


This holographic anime character could be your next girlfriend

A Japanese company called Vinclu has invented a holographic "girlfriend" that also functions as a dedicated virtual companion.


Amazon Wants to Put a Camera and Microphone in Your Bedroom

Echo Look will use machine learning to decide if you look fat in that shirt.


Smart Meter Data Is 'Intimate' and Deserves Privacy, Activists Argue

The EFF and Privacy International claim that when collected in aggregate, smart meter data can show when a person wakes up, goes to work, and clocks-out for the night.


How an Amazon Echo could testify in an Arkansas murder trial

In Bentonville, Arkansas, the hometown of Walmart, a trial is about to begin over the mysterious death of a former police officer at a local residence. It may help decide an issue emerging in a connected world: whether prosecutors should be able to...


Someone Made a Terrifying Robotic Face for Their Amazon Alexa

Alexa, what is the uncanny valley?