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How to Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership (and Why You Should)

Here’s how to stop financially supporting a monopoly.
Izzie Ramirez
3 days ago
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Never Get Charged for a “Free” Trial Again

It’s easy to forget to cancel a free trial and wind up paying for a subscription service you don't really want. Here are five ways to make sure that never, ever happens to you again.
Molly Kay
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Don’t Buy This: Never Pay Online Shipping Fees Again

Here are 50 retailers that offer free online shipping—plus tips on how to avoid these extras charges every time you shop.
Gina Ragusa
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Everyone Wants to Party with Roy Purdy, a Meme Come to Life

He's in the process of building a career being seemingly the most likable person on the internet.
Alex Norcia
The VICE Guide to Right Now

These Amazon Shoppers Ordered Some Plastic Bins and Got 65 Pounds of Weed

To apologize, the company reportedly gave the customers a $150 gift card.
River Donaghey
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Amazon Prime Is a Blessing and a Curse For Remote Towns

If access to Prime is reduced, or in some cases, cut off, it can leave many remote towns in the lurch.
Kaleigh Rogers
Dystopia Now

How Amazon's Tech Could Change Whole Foods

How long before drones are delivering us emergency organic cat food?
Carl Franzen

Push This Button and Get Sent a Mystery Box of Chocolates

Amazon’s new "Surprise Sweets" Dash button makes indulging sugary cravings too damn easy.
Phoebe Hurst

2016 Wasn’t a Total Bust: You Can Now Watch Netflix Offline

Netflix and go.
Ben Sullivan

We Spoke to Emeril About Why a Chef’s Education Is Never Done

None of Emeril's accomplishments have stopped him from retaining an open mind as a chef and learning new techniques, which is on full display in his new Amazon Prime series, 'Eat the World With Emeril Lagasse.'
Javier Cabral

Amazon wants to do to music what it did to book prices

By offering the lowest prices on books, Amazon introduced the e-commerce habit to millions of Americans, while turning in more than a decade of annual losses as it built its user base of Amazon Prime subscribers.
Noah Kulwin
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Using a Friend's Netflix Password Could Land You in Prison

But streaming services couldn't care less.
VICE Staff