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Chevron's Star Witness Admits to Lying in the Amazon Pollution Case

The witness, a former Ecuadorean judge, claimed that lawyers representing residents of the Amazon harmed by the oil company's contamination paid him to ghostwrite a court judgement — but he now says that he lied.


Brazil Pledges on Climate Change, Zero Deforestation Are a 'Crushing Disappointment'

Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff says the government will cut illegal deforestation to zero by 2030 and ramp up renewable energy production.


The Chevron Tapes: Video Shows Oil Giant Allegedly Covering Up Amazon Contamination

Footage released by an environmental group seems to show workers associated with Chevron finding contaminated soil in areas that it claimed were already clean, illustrating alleged fraudulent activity.


Brazilian Soldiers and Native Tribespeople Are Clashing in the Amazon

Although the Brazilian economy has hit a few speed bumps recently, the wheels of growth have been in motion for some time, and the country is desperate for renewable energy sources to keep its industrial and economic growth buoyant. This is why, for...