Amazon’s Creepy Twitter PR Army is Growing

Amazon now has dozens of apparent employees tweeting about how much they love the company. But even former employees are suspicious of the accounts.
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American Musical Ambassadors Offset the Negative Trump Brand Abroad

From Papua New Guinea to Ghana, from Croatia to Vietnam -- cultural ambassadors are sent by the US State Department to facilitate cultural exchange through music and other art forms.
Emily Weitz
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Jeff Sessions Officially Recused Himself from Investigating Trump's Campaign

The Attorney General made the announcement Thursday afternoon amid calls for his resignation following reports he met with the Russian ambassador in 2016.
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Pence promises “strong commitment” to Europe during a visit

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This U.S. ambassador is treated like a rock star in Denmark

He even starred in his own reality TV show.
Hind Hassan

Forget Trudeau's Elbow, Another Canadian Politician Just Showed Off His Fighting Skills

With admirable sleeve grips, Ambassador Kevin Vickers wrestled a protestor out of the way at a memorial service in Dublin earlier today.
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The Vatican is Stonewalling France’s Nomination of a Gay Ambassador

Laurent Stefanini is more than qualified to be France’s ambassador to the Holy See, but his sexual orientation may keep him from getting the job.
Matthieu Jublin

The Man Responsible For Huge Government Blunders in Mexico Just Got a Seat on His Country's Supreme Court

Eduardo Medina Mora's office met with US officials over the failed "Fast & Furious" weapons smuggling program, reports say, capping a long list of scandals he's overseen — yet he keeps getting promotions.
Andalusia Knoll

‘There Has to Be More Pressure’: Michael McFaul, America’s Last Ambassador to Russia, Discusses Putin and Ukraine

VICE News speaks with the former ambassador about his experience serving US interests in Russia and his views on the crisis in Ukraine.
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