Noisey Mix

Ellen Arkbro’s Noisey Mix Is Mystifying Music for Deep Listening

On the heels of a methodical new album called 'CHORDS,' the Swedish composer shares some of the patient music that inspires her work.
Colin Joyce

Rafael Anton Irisarri's New Album Explores the Human Cost of Climate Change

Irisarri's new experimental album is a stark meditation on "solastalgia," the mental distress caused by the changing environment.
Lewis Gordon

Félicia Atkinson's New Ambient Piece Is Lovely and Lonely

"Moderato Cantabile" is a piano-led excerpt from the French composer's stunning new album 'The Flower & The Vessel.'
Colin Joyce
Noisey Mix

This Nonlocal Forecast Mix Offers Smooth Jazz Fit for Tears and Bong Rips

The Chicago-based artist best known as Fire-Toolz shares a mix of sounds from the world of her proggy computer jazz record ‘Bubble Universe!’
Colin Joyce
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Lena Raine's Digital Ambience Can Make You Panic or Help You Relax

Her soundtrack work for the acclaimed platformer 'Celeste' earned her scores of awards and a spot onstage next to Hans Zimmer. Her debut solo album 'Oneknowing' was made, in part, as a way of dealing with the sudden spotlight.
Sam Goldner

Breaking's New Ambient Ballads Offer Peace That's Handworn and Hard-Won

The New York composer and filmmaker's new EP 'Shell' offers three intimate and beautiful new songs.
Colin Joyce
stream of the crop

Mija's Unexpected Ambience and 11 Other Albums for Heavy Rotation

This week's essential listening includes playful raps, optimistic jazz-fusion, spa ambience, and totally crushing noise. Something for everyone.
Noisey Staff

How Tiga Helped Turn Montreal Into a Nightlife Hub

Plus an exclusive, beatless live mix from the Montreal legend, to help you recover from the after party.
Billy Eff

Sun Araw's Misty New Album Shows the Freedom of Improvising With Friends

'Activated Clown,' billed to S. Araw Trio XIII and due out January 11 on NNA Tapes, is colorful, intimate, funny, and free—everything formless music should be.
Colin Joyce
Noisey 2018

The 17 Best Mixes of 2018

All of our favorite DJ sets from around clubland and beyond.
Colin Joyce

Tim Presley’s New White Fence Single Is a Stunning, Sparse Left Turn

"I Have To Feed Larry's Hawk," premiering today on Noisey, is a chilly intro to the new White Fence record. We spoke to Tim Presley about San Francisco, harm reduction and the ambient suite that closes his new record.
Shaad D’Souza
Free Radicals

This Is What Dreams Sound Like

Reissues of the Pennsylvania-based composer Michele Mercure's early electronic works provide an occasion to revisit the visionary electronic music that came to her in her sleep.
Colin Joyce