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The Cheapskate's Guide to Maxing Out Credit Card Rewards

Credit card companies are quietly lowering signup bonuses and eliminating perks. Here’s everything you need to know about the changes so you can keep the freebies coming without spending a fortune.
Jenny Hart
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Don’t Buy This: Rental Car Insurance Is Usually a Waste of Money

Tell the car rental agent “no thanks” when they pressure you to buy optional insurance. Chances are you’ve already got the coverage you need.
FREE Staff

Don’t Buy This: Stop Paying an Annual Fee for Your Rewards Credit Card

It may seem like there's always a catch when it comes to cashing in your credit card rewards, but some cards actually give you cash back and other perks at no cost to you—no strings attached.
Gina Ragusa

REJOICE: You May Never Have to Scribble Your Signature on a Stupid Receipt Again

Great news for AmEx, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa users who also dine at restaurants.
Mayukh Sen
Noisey News

You Can Livestream Kendrick Lamar's Show in Brooklyn Friday Night

K Dot will be performing at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn tomorrow.
Noisey Staff

How American Ex-Pats Are Protesting Donald Trump Abroad

"There's something like 8 million Americans abroad, I don't think they should be silenced just because they are not currently in the States."
Matt St. John

How Leaving America Changes What People Think About Guns

"When I hear about people who own 15 assault weapons I think, why do you need that?"
Chantal Panozzo

Apple Pay Just Launched in Canada, But You Probably Can't Use It

Only American Express cardholders can make mobile payments for now.
Matthew Braga

Is Paid Sex Over Now That America's Largest Escort Website Won't Take Credit Cards?

The suddenness of the ban on and the confusion it has caused will hit the marginalized hardest. That could lead some workers into dependent relationships—exactly what law enforcement is most concerned about.
April Adams

This Burt Reynolds Auction Is Super Depressing

<i>Smokey and the Bandit</i> star Burt Reynolds is auctioning off his stuff to help pay some old bills. So far, the items aren't fetching much interest.
Dave Schilling
Motherboard Blog

A DDoS Attack Just Took Down

The American Express tech team suspects that their attack is part of the biggest DDoS assault in history.
Adam Clark Estes