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American Football's Comfortable Emo and 11 Other Albums for Heavy Rotation

This week's essential listening also includes apocalyptic electronics and fizzy disco, among other delightful shit.
Noisey Staff
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Mike Kinsella Listens to Vampire Weekend: "Was this on 'The O.C.'?"

Ahead of the release of American Football (LP3), the Owen, and Cap’n Jazz veteran listens to Vampire Weekend’s 2008 debut for the first time.
Josh Terry
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Pitchfork Festival's Sunday Lineup Was a Chicago Party

NE-HI, Derrick Carter, Joey Purp, Jamila Woods, and American Football showed Chicago music’s past, present, and future.
Josh Terry
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Tracing ​American Football's Rugby Roots

If there is one thing that American football and rugby fans both hate, it's when comparisons are drawn between the two sports. Nevertheless, these games are cut from the same cloth and still hold many similarities in the 21st century.
Ben Halls

Hitting the Studio With NFL Wide Receiver Nathan Palmer

VICE Sports train with Chicago Bears wide receiver Nathan Palmer before gaining an insight into a hobby that has seen him share a stage with Trey Songz and Drake.
VICE Sports
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Stream of the Crop: 10 New Albums for Heavy Rotation 10/22

New albums from Lady Gaga, D.R.A.M., Leonard Cohen, and American Football top this week's list. And the NBA starting makes us a little sad.
Alex Robert Ross
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​Riding the Second Wave: The Ressurection of the NFL in the UK

As important as hosting competitive games at Wembley was for the NFL's rejuvenation in Britain, it owes its current success to two other crucial areas: universities, and a cult following.
Ben Halls
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Emo Tourism: How the American Football House Became One of Music’s Biggest Landmarks

The iconic spot at 704 W. High St has an oddly rich history in Urbana, IL.
Sean Neumann
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Hear American Football Gracefully Adapt Their Formula on New Track "Give Me The Gun"

It's the second single from their first album in 16 years.
Noisey Staff
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American Football Announce a New Album, 'American Football,' and Release Its First Track

Like their 1999 debut, the new album will be called 'American Football.'
Alex Robert Ross
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Ten Shit Hot Albums by Artists Who Only Ever Made One

From Late of the Pier to Fever Ray, here are ten records of ferocity and beauty that stand alone in the history books.
Noisey Staff
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​Super Bowl Britannia: How We Celebrate America's Sporting Centrepiece

This Sunday, America will come to a standstill as Super Bowl fever grips the nation. But how do British fans experience this intense festival of Americana?
Ben Halls