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Coffee Company Voluntarily Changing Its Name Over Cultural Appropriation Concerns

For 14 years, Wisconsin-based Kickapoo Coffee has sold award-winning fair trade and organic coffee—but now it's Kickapoo no more.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Fake Roy Moore accuser linked to Project Veritas, Weinstein brothers accused of sex trafficking in new lawsuit, Trump uses racist joke against Elizabeth Warren in front of Native Americans, and more.


A Native American Tribe Just Panicked and Burned All Its Weed

The South Dakota tribe planned to open a marijuana resort, but then freaked out about the possibility of a federal raid and burned all of the marijuana.


Is ‘Squaw Bread’ an Affront to Native Americans or Are You All Too PC?

Move over Adam Sandler, because there’s a new dog in town as far publicly disparaging Native Americans is concerned. And no, this new offender unfortunately doesn’t share your penchant for speaking in baby voices or singing about Jewish holidays.