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What America's Creeping Criminal Justice Reform Looks Like From the Inside

Criminal justice reform in the US has prompted the early release of thousands of people imprisoned for non-violent drug crimes. Robert Booker, however, was not among them.
Seth Ferranti
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Now More Than Ever, Obama's Immigration Policies Are Punishing the Persecuted

Instead of devoting resources to rounding up, detaining, and deporting refugees, the United States should ensure those fleeing violence in their home countries have a chance to make their claim for protection.
Archi Pyati
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How to Stop the Dangerous 'Revolving Door' of Jailing the Mentally Ill

America's jails and prisons aren't meant to be mental health care facilities, but with nowhere else to go, the mentally ill often end up incarcerated. The result is poor care — and a lack of safety for all involved.
Stephanie H. Procell
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An Evangelical Minister on Why American Evangelicals Are Wrong About Gun Control

Many American evangelical Christians say guns are in their 'DNA.' But after a 2013 mass shooting, influential evangelical minister Reverend Rob Schenck came to believe something different.
Rob Schenck
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Live From the American Justice Summit

We're live from the American Justice Summit, an event exploring the personal, social, and financial inequities of America's prison system — and ways to remedy them.
Criminal Justice

Why Are There Up to 120,000 Innocent People in US Prisons?

In a criminal justice system many say is broken, false confessions and plea bargains spurred by oppressive sentencing laws have put thousands of innocent people behind bars.
Justin Rohrlich
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'Previous Convictions' Questions on Job Applications Condemn People to a Different Kind of Prison

Forcing the formerly incarcerated to answer that question when applying for jobs — or for apartments, student loans, and many other things — amounts to structural discrimination.
Dorsey Nunn
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Fixing America's Broken Corrections System Needs to Start on the Inside

How do we fix America's broken corrections and criminal justice systems? We asked the head of one of the country's largest prison systems.
John Wetzel
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Street Gangs Have a Great Solution For Reducing Violent Crime

Say what you will about gangs, but their model works when it comes to attracting young people. It's time to use that model to save kids and reduce violence and crime.
Sally Hazelgrove
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Today, Millions of Americans Will Be Denied The Right to Vote

Criminal records are preventing millions of people — including many who committed non-violent crimes — from going to the polls. This includes 1 in 13 of all African Americans.
Glenn E. Martin

Incarcerating the Mentally Ill Makes Us All Less Safe

More than half the 2.4 million people in America's prisons and jails have mental health issues. It's time to stop incarcerating the mentally ill and start treating them.
Francis Greenburger