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Yesterday on the Internet: Apparently the Super Bowl is one giant metaphor

On Sunday night, the completely United States sat down as one to watch the 2017 Super Bowl. But because it's 2017, the Super Bowl can't just be the Super Bowl — the entire country is on high metaphor alert, and the symbolism was too much for some.
Michael Kalenderian

Kids Win the Right to Sue the US Government Over Climate Change

A US judge ruled this week that America's youth may hold their government accountable for global warming.
Sarah Emerson

The Oil Industry Sought Patents for Low-Carbon Technologies Decades Ago — Then Abandoned Them

Documents obtained by the Center for International Energy Law reveal that as early as the 1960s oil companies were developing technologies to reduce and capture carbon dioxide, which may have helped to avoid decades of planet-warming emissions.
Matt Smith

Obama Administration Issues New Rules on Methane Emissions From the Oil and Gas Industry

Climate change is a legacy issue for the US president and the latest rule is among a growing list of executive actions aimed at cutting domestic greenhouse gas emissions.
Robert S. Eshelman
tipping point

This Could Be One of the Greatest Hurdles for Cutting Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the US

Natural gas boosters say the fuel burns cleaner than coal, but methane leaks at well heads and along pipelines mean it might actually be hindering, rather than helping, the fight against global warming.
John Dyer
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The Oil Industry Was Warned About Climate Change in 1968

A trove of newly released documents reveal the fossil fuel industry was told decades ago that rising amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere "may be the cause of serious world-wide environmental changes."
Matt Smith

The US Wants to Make Oil, Gas, and Mining Companies More Transparent About Their Deals

The Securities and Exchange Commission has proposed rules that will require companies to disclose how much they pay for the right to drill and mine for resources around the world.
Ari Paul

The Dispersants Used After the BP Blowout Did More Harm Than Good

In the race to respond to the Deepwater Horizon disaster, researchers say it may have been better to let natural systems disperse oil rather than use chemical dispersants.
Matt Smith
tipping point

Former ExxonMobil Scientist Says the Company Has Long Known of Its Climate Change Impacts

Despite being aware of climate change as early as 1981, the company has provided over $30 million to groups that have sown doubt about the scientific consensus that the Earth is warming and human activities are the primary cause.
Aaron Cantú

String of ‘Bomb Train’ Explosions in the US and Canada Casts Doubt On Proposed Safety Upgrades

The US Department of Transportation has proposed a phase-out of dangerous DOT-111 tanker cars but the new model that will take their place has been involved in a series of explosions over the past month.
Peter Rugh

The Fossil Fuel Industry Paid This Scientist to Deny Human-Caused Climate Change

Astrophysicist Wei-Hock “Willie” Soon received $1.2 million in funding from oil companies, utilities, and a Koch-brothers foundation in exchange for authoring scientific papers that argued increased solar activity explained global warming.

The Environmental Protection Agency Just Proposed Smog Rules That Could Save Thousands of Lives

Industry groups and Republicans say EPA efforts to cut down on smog will cost billions of dollars, with one organization calling the proposed rule the most expensive regulation in history.
Robert S. Eshelman