American Exchange Students in Italy Start Fire by Cooking Pasta Without Water

There are cooking failures, and then there are cooking failures so bad that you piss off the entire country of Italy.


Canada Can't Accept All America's 'DREAMers' if Trump Deports Them

While a Canadian senator proposes this country should take in 30,000 DREAMers, the reality is a lot murkier.


Mexico's Underground Basketball Teams Wage Psychological Warfare to Win

On a new episode of VICELAND's 'THE LAST SHOT,' a local team out-hustles the Americans it squares up against.


American Tourists Keep Trying to Sneak Their Guns into Canada

Annual reminder that Canada has different gun laws.


All the Sex Things Everyone Else is Doing

18 percent of men say they've had a threesome (cool story, bro).


Summer Vacation Really Sucks for Poor Kids and Their Parents

Americans in lower income brackets sweat the summer months in more ways than one.


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Americans Don't Care If Their Parents Know They Smoke Weed, Survey Says

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Let This Intense Police Video Be a Warning to You, Heroin Dealers

Lake County Sheriff's Office is not messing around.


Read Obama's Thank You Note to America

"You made me a better President, and you made me a better man."


The Strange, Embarrassing World of Americans Trying to Emulate English Soccer Culture

First the MLS imported players and coaches; now, it's taking what it can from the terraces.