Americans with Disabilities Act

Design Bias

Mammogram Machines Can Make You ‘Feel Like You’re from Another Planet’ When You’re Disabled

Physical structures and clinic access are only a piece of the cancer screening problem for people with disabilities.
Rose Eveleth
Fighting Words

We See You, Fake Service Dog Owners

You're ruining it for people who actually need them.
Ali Wunderman

Punk's Ethos of Inclusivity Leaves Out One Major Group

How lack of accessibility at punk venues leaves people with disabilities out of the scene.
Taylor Ysteboe

Jason Kander: Eliminating Voting Rights is an Assault on Democracy

The Election Assistance Commission ensures that all Americans can vote freely and independently -- and it's under siege.
Jason Kander
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Hundreds of Walmart Employees Say They've Been Punished for Taking Sick Days

"I hate the fact we got to worry about getting fired because we caught the flu."
River Donaghey
Views My Own

Should Gender Dysphoria be a Federally Protected Disability?

A lawsuit that aims to have gender dysphoria covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act could lend protection—and stigma—to the trans community.
Katelyn Burns

Why the Deaf Community Fears President Trump

A man who has mocked people with disabilities and expressed a desire to dismantle some of the protections that exist for people like me is about to become the president.
Sara Nović

Applebee's Is Apologizing for Not Paying an Autistic Employee for a Year

Somehow, this prep cook with autism ended up not being paid for an entire year's worth of work at a Rhode Island Applebee's.
Alex Swerdloff

Don't Mind This Live Boa Constrictor Slithering Around Your Restaurant Table

A man was recently allowed to bring a large snake into a Mexican restaurant in Missouri because of his claim that it's a service animal that helps him cope with depression.
Hilary Pollack

What It's Like to be Blind in the Age of the Internet

Technology has been both a help and a massive hindrance to the blind community.
Josiah Hesse

Judge Says Blind Passengers Can Sue Uber for Discrimination

The plaintiffs claim they can prove more than 30 instances of Uber discriminating against blind individuals.
Kari Paul
Neither Big nor Easy

Remembering New Orleans's Funniest Disability Advocate

Jonah Bascle wasn't just a beloved comedian—he was an artist, an activist, and a rabble-rouser whose work advocating for wheelchair access should be remembered just as much as his jokes.
Michael Patrick Welch