The 'World's Loneliest Frog' Finally Has a Mate

A male Sehuencas water frog, thought to be the last of his kind, will be bred with a female recently caught in the wild.
Sarah Emerson

Scientists Discover Rare ‘Siren’ Species in Florida

An extremely elusive salamander has finally been given a name.
Sarah Emerson
Amphibious AF

Salamander Twitter Is a Light in the Darkness

One man’s obsession with the adorable amphibians caught on in a year of scandals and disasters of all sorts threatening to overwhelm us.
Asia Murphy
The VICE Guide to Right Now

An Animal Smuggler Tried to Disguise Deadly Cobras as Potato Chips

After seizing the killer snakes, the cops found a small zoo's worth of protected reptiles stashed in the guy's apartment.
Drew Schwartz

Chinese Cops Anger Everyone by Eating a Giant Salamander

More than a dozen Chinese police officers have been suspended following an investigation by undercover journalists who infiltrated a lavish dinner that included, among other things, a critically endangered giant salamander.
Munchies Staff

To Save Frogs From a Horrifying Fungus, We Might Have to Vaccinate Them

Amphibians are dying out at a breakneck pace. It's time to get them up to date with their shots.
Becky Ferreira

Climate Change Is Causing Some Serious Salamander Shrinkage

It's one of the fastest physical changes scientists have ever seen.
Jason Koebler
Motherboard Blog

Asian Amphibians Are Going Extinct Faster Than We Can Find Them

Amphibians are some of the best indicators of ecosystem health because they’re — sorry chill frogs out there — kind of fragile. In general, they are rather susceptible to pollution, and many amphibian species live in small, sensitive habitats that are...
Derek Mead