analisa teachworth

    • 4.23.15

      'Clone Zone' Is an Easy Tool for Building Fake Websites

      A new tool just made every website on the internet instantly and totally customizable. Now what?

    • 11.18.14

      Interact with the Virtual Worlds of Teengirl Fantasy's New EP

      4REAL, the digital agency composed of Slava and Analisa Teachworth, have created four virtual reality experiences to accompany Teengirl Fantasy's new EP.

    • 9.12.13

      Come On, Get Lonely

      Some of our favorite lady artists are going to be in a group show on September 12 at Martos gallery in Chelsea. The show, titled Lonely Girl, got its name from the YouTube web series LonelyGirl15, which trolled the entire internet in 2006 by presenting...