South Africa

Jacob Zuma's own party just gave him 48 hours to quit

The ANC could move to impeach the 75-year-old within days.
David Gilbert

South African president refusing to step down over corruption scandal

Whatever happens, it looks like Jacob Zuma's days are numbered.
Tim Hume

South Africa's ruling ANC got the worst clobbering since the end of apartheid

The party of Nelson Mandela, which has ruled for 22 years, got punished by voters as corruption allegations swirl.
Tess Owen

The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Hillary Clinton gets a commanding lead in the polls, Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson sues the police and city of Baton Rouge, and more.
VICE Staff

The British Army's Secret Plan to Keep South Africa's Ruling Party in Power

Also revealed: the army's links to a controversial mining company.
Phil Miller
South Africa

South African President Jacob Zuma Just Survived an Impeachment Vote

Facing a scandal related to $16 million in state funds spent on renovating his home, Zuma's ANC ruling party managed to shield him from impeachment efforts brought by the opposition party, but the country's economy may suffer as a result.
VICE News and Reuters

'South Africa's Obama' Might Soon Be the Country's First Black Opposition Leader

Twenty-one years after Nelson Mandela came to power, South Africa is continuing to transform. Mmusi Maimane, 34, is now the hot favorite to be the next leader of the Democratic Alliance opposition.
Gavin Haynes

Video Shows Brawl Break Out in South African Parliament After President Is Called a 'Thief'

Tensions escalated between politicians during the National Assembly session following a vote that let President Jacob Zuma off the hook for home remodeling expenses.
Kayla Ruble

South African Politician in Red Jumpsuit and Miner Helmet Ejected from Parliament

The MP refused to retract statements he made about the government’s role in the Marikana mining massacre, which left 44 people dead.
Kayla Ruble

What a Weird Freak Scene the South African Election Trail Is

Populist insurgent Julius Malema is trying to become a pop-culture icon akin to China's Mao, complete with a cottage industry promoting his image. But with no actual support from the voting populace, being plastered on an ironic propaganda T-shirt is...
Gavin Haynes
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Young South African Voters Are Not Big Fans of Nelson Mandela's Political Party

South Africans who are just old enough to vote are hungry for a viable alternative to what they see as the corrupt and ineffective ANC.
Cindy Huang

Everything You Need to Know About the Life of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela has left the planet. It is, at the time of writing, slightly more raw than the long-rehearsed curtains-down on 95 years ought to be. To South Africans like me, he has long been the man who held up the sky. Who will hold it up now?
Gavin Haynes