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This morning, Hillary Clinton gets a commanding lead in the polls, Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson sues the police and city of Baton Rouge, and more.
VICE Staff

The British Army's Secret Plan to Keep South Africa's Ruling Party in Power

Also revealed: the army's links to a controversial mining company.
Phil Miller

What a Weird Freak Scene the South African Election Trail Is

Populist insurgent Julius Malema is trying to become a pop-culture icon akin to China's Mao, complete with a cottage industry promoting his image. But with no actual support from the voting populace, being plastered on an ironic propaganda T-shirt is...
Gavin Haynes

Everything You Need to Know About the Life of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela has left the planet. It is, at the time of writing, slightly more raw than the long-rehearsed curtains-down on 95 years ought to be. To South Africans like me, he has long been the man who held up the sky. Who will hold it up now?
Gavin Haynes

A Convicted South African Terrorist Discusses the Future of His Country

Two decades after the apartheid, South Africa is still one of the most unequal societies. The ANC continues to be mired in corruption and cronyism, and the country’s unifier, Nelson Mandela, continues to be in poor health. Christie spoke with me about...
Danny McDonald

What Was the South African Military Doing in the Central African Republic?

There is much speculation over why South African President Jacob Zuma deployed his forces to support the Central Africa Republic's clearly failing, dictatorial government. The most popular theory is that both the ANC and its members have private...
Henk Lustig