ancho chili

    • 3.20.18

      Three-Chili Squid Recipe

      Combine an ancho chili mayo with fresh red chili salad and house-made chipotle oil for a spicy grilled squid dish you can even make while hungover.

    • 4.8.17

      Fish Al Pastor Tacos Recipe

      These fish tacos are definitely not “pure” Mexican food, because you would never have that protein with that marinade. But who cares? They're delicious.

    • 7.21.15

      Some Dishes Deserve Three Different Kinds of Chilies

      This thrice-spicy recipe for grilled squid from Rita's in East London features ancho chili mayonnaise, fresh red chilies, and chipotle oil.

    • 7.21.15

      How-To: Make Three-Chili Squid with Rita's

      Gabriel Pryce—head chef at Rita's in East London—teaches us how to make three-chili grilled squid with ancho chili mayo, fresh red chili salad, and house-made chipotle oil.

    • 12.19.14

      Slow-Roasted Short Rib Recipe

      It’s guaranteed to make you ask yourself the question, “Why did I ever braise?”

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