Scientists Find Evidence of Dank Weed at 2,500-Year-Old Funeral Site

Cannabis residue was found in braziers at an ancient high-altitude cemetery.


Replaying ‘The Story of Thor’, Sega’s Own Zelda

I could have sworn this was better than Zelda. As it turns out, it’s not—but Ancient’s game is still, arguably, Sega’s greatest 16-bit RPG.


Canada Might Be the Best Place to Learn About Ancient Earth

Parts of the Earth's original crust are still traceable there, a new study finds.


Sci-fi and Ancient Cultures Collide in Modern Mixed-Media Works

New York-based artist Huma Bhabha magpies old and new to connect the contemporary with the archaic.


Newly Discovered Prehistoric Shark Species Left Teeth on Three Continents

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Paleontologists Find a Rare Type of Pterosaur Near Vancouver Island

Giant pterosaurs may hog the spotlight, but here’s why the little guys deserve some love.


A Massive, 2,000-Year-Old Chunk of Butter Has Been Unearthed from a Bog

Conway found a 22-pound chunk of butter, that is estimated it to be over 2,000 years old.


This 97-Year-Old Fruitcake Might Outlive Us All

The Australian War Memorial is now the proud owner of a 97-year-old fruitcake that was originally baked in Downton Abbey times.


Huang's World: Back In Taiwan, Part 3

Eddie spends an afternoon on Shenkeng Old Street soaking up deep-rooted local traditions. Next, he hits up the Randall Cunningham of stinky tofu restaurants, explores ancient Eastern medicine with cupping therapy, and kicks back with a tea ceremony.


Artist Captures The Oldest Living Beings In The World

These plants are older than Caeser's grandpa.