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Archeologists Discover ‘Vampire’ Child Who Died 1,500 Years Ago

The body of a 10-year-old child who died in the 5th century had a rock inserted into its mouth to prevent undead attacks.


The Roads of the Roman Empire as a Subway Map

All roads lead to Rome, and now you can understand them at a glance.


An Ancient Water Reservoir in Malta Gets a Stunning Immersive Installation

Tourists visiting the Cittadella get a 360-degree, projection-mapped history lesson.


A Hairstyle Archaeologist Is Recreating Ancient Updos

Hairdresser Janet Stephens’ YouTube channel is full of how-tos and history lessons.


Wine and Ramen Noodles Are Mysteriously Washing Ashore on Florida Beaches

Residents and tourists alike gathered in bemusement along beaches in Fort Pierce, Florida after tons of totally random goods like wine, instant ramen packages, coffee, pet food, and detergent began to mysteriously wash ashore.


Watching 'The X Factor' Is the Modern Equivalent of Watching Gladiators Fight Each Other to the Death

In the ancient colosseum of Britain's ITV1 Live Studios, Simon Cowell is Holy Emperor.


Are Football Players Really Modern-Day Gladiators?

Comparisons between American football and Roman gladiator games are common. Do historians think they're apt?


Some Farmer in Switzerland Dug Up a Molehill and Found 1,700-Year-Old Buried Treasure

Over 4,000 bronze and silver coins were buried around the year 294 and never discovered until 2015.


The Earliest Science Fiction

Why an ancient scroll deserves entry into the sci-fi canon.


Meet the World’s First (and Worst) Foodie

While it may seem like the bad side of the term "foodie" is something of a new phenomenon, it’s far from modern. Meet Marcus Gavius Apicius, the man who started it all in the first century AD.