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This Maryland Shooting Survivor 'Couldn't Give a Fuck' About Thoughts and Prayers

"I'm going to need more than a couple days of news coverage and some thoughts and prayers, because it's—our whole lives have been shattered."
Drew Schwartz

Trump Should Be Scared of Stormy Daniels

Her "60 Minutes" interview demonstrates how media-savvy the porn star is, and that should worry the president.
Harry Cheadle
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Everyone Is Absolutely Losing It over Trump's 'Shithole' Comments

CNN's Don Lemon didn't mince words, Seth Meyers walked off his show, and even the folks on 'Fox & Friends' were stunned.
Drew Schwartz
doug baldwin

Doug Baldwin Fact Checks American History, Drops Truth Bomb on CNN

If only Baldwin could be a White House fact checker too...
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Melania Dismissed Trump's Comments as 'Boy Talk'

She also blamed "the opposition" for Trump's latest string of sexual assault allegations.
Lauren Messman
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Even Donald Trump Is Tired of Hearing Himself Talk

CNN's Republican town hall Tuesday was just another rerun of the same episode that's played over and over again during this interminable primary campaign.
Harry Cheadle
chip sarafin

Arizona State Lineman Reveals He's Gay in Incredibly Low-Key "Announcement"

Chip Sarafin's sexuality shouldn't be a big deal.
Harry Cheadle

The Week In GIFs

Another week, more GIFs. Here they are.
Rocco Castoro

I Infiltrated the Online Community of Adult Picky Eaters

The online community of PEAs—adult picky eaters who only consume a handful of bland foods—is incredibly active but secretive.
Hilary Pollack
This Week in Racism

Police Dogs in Los Angeles Are Super Racist

A new study finds that LA Sheriff's Department dogs are biting more blacks and Latinos than white people, despite efforts by the department to reduce the number of minority dog bites in the county.
Dave Schilling

Our Syria Correspondent Was Interviewed by Wolf Blitzer Tonight

Robert King, the guy who wrote the sprawling 20-page piece on Syria for this month's issue, discussed the horrifying humanitarian conditions in the country tonight on CNN.
VICE Staff