Andreas Lubitz


Germanwings Crash Investigation Sparks Debate on Pilots' Right to Mental Health Confidentiality

The head of the investigation said copilot Andreas Lubitz had shown symptoms that "could be compatible with a psychotic episode" weeks before Lubitz flew an airliner filled with 150 people into the side of a mountain.


Pilots Explain Why We Shouldn't Worry About Turbulence

"We avoid turbulence because it's stressful for passengers," says former military pilot Keith Tonkin, "but for pilots it's just not an issue."


Remains of Victims of Germanwings Crash Return Home

It is hoped that seeing the coffins of loved ones will bring closure for the relatives of the victims of March's Germanwings plane crash in France, which prosecutors think was a deliberate act.


Germanwings Crash Pilot May Have Attempted a Trial Run During His Previous Flight

Flight 4U9525 crashed into the French Alps on March 24, with 150 on board. It later emerged that the plane was deliberately crashed by co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, a 27-year-old German citizen.


Why the Words We Use to Talk About Mental Health Are Important

The stigmatizing of mental illness continues to discourage people from seeking help or speaking openly about their experiences.


Germanwings Co-Pilot Researched Suicide Methods and Cockpit Doors

French authorities investigating the crash have also retrieved the aircraft's second black box.


Germanwings Co-Pilot Was Treated for Suicidal Tendencies in the Past, Say Investigators

Prosecutors have revealed that Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot of Germanwings flight 4U9525, which crashed last week killing 150 people, had past treatment for suicidal tendencies.