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The Five Kinds of Electronic Music Dudes You'll Meet on the New Spotify-Enhanced Tinder

The S&M Design Freak, The Coldplay (Tech House Remix) Fitness Warrior, and more.
Ezra Marcus

Meet the Diehard Finnish DJ Who Inspired the “Techno Interests Me” Meme

The story of how "Techno Antti" became one of dance music's funniest memes—plus, an exclusive mix from the Helsinki mainstay.
Jesse Weiss

Andy Stott Decodes the Mad Science Behind His Latest Sonic Experiments

One of electronic music's most spirited clinicians dives into the DNA of his new LP ‘Too Many Voices.'
Zach Sokol
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Andy Stott Shares Searing New Single, "Selfish"

The gritty, grime-inspired track is the second single from Stott's new album.
Britt Julious
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Andy Stott Announces New Album 'Too Many Voices,' Shares Video for Lead Single

The record follows 2014's critically acclaimed '​Faith In Strangers​​.'
Alexander Iadarola
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Watch an Exclusive Visual Collaboration Between Andy Stott and Joëlle

The pair hooked up at last year's MIRA Visual Arts Festival in Barcelona and the result was AV nirvana.
Josh Baines
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Prepare to Reach Verticality with Lucy at Mutek

Lucy explains techno through brain stimulation and cognitive science.
Geoff Harricks
2014 in Review

Noisey's Top 25 Albums of 2014: 25 to 11

Noisey's staff rounds up the 25 best albums of the year.
Noisey Staff
2014 in Review

Noisey's Best of 2014 - Fred Pessaro

Look forward to coke on the dance floor, El-P on Biggie being dope, and the best record for f*cking.
Fred Pessaro
The Dirty Laundry Issue

November Music Reviews

We loved Grouper, hated Deerhoof, tried really hard to hate the Foo Fighters, and told a lot of stories about ourselves that probably aren't true.
VICE Staff

Let Andy Stott Score the Next Time You Score with "Faith in Strangers"

Streaming now via Soundcloud and in bedrooms across the world soon thereafter
Noisey Staff

Om Unit Champions the Drum and Bass Revival With 'Inversion' EP, Out on Metalheadz

The eight-track EP will also feature old samples dug out from Goldie's dusty archives.
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