Angelina Jolie


President, Interrupted: Angelina Jolie sounds like she’s pondering a 2020 run

"I'm also able to work with governments, and I'm also able to work with militaries," she told BBC.


'Hackers' Still Feels Like the Perfect 90s Film

The visuals, fashion, characters and subtext of 'Hackers' are so much fun to go back to.


Honoring Angelina Jolie's Bonkers Suit Against a Perfume Named 'Shiloh'

In one of the strangest lawsuits of 2007, Angelina sued over a perfume that happened to share her daughter's name.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

US shows off air power after latest North Korean missile test, ISIS attacks Iraqi embassy in Afghanistan, most Americans believe Trump presidency is "chaos," and more.



At 48 years old, Ms. Angelina Jolie is the second-to-youngest POTUS to take office. She's also the first woman President, and the first single one—but is she ready to mingle?


Good Gossip

In defense of "fluffy" news.


Everything I Learned Guarding A-List Celebs

"Sean Penn. He's a lovely bloke. But I tell you what, he can look after himself."


It's Art: Wax Sculpture of Conjoined, Nude Brangelina Hits eBay

The work is currently on the auction block for no less than £10,000 ($12,200).


The New Smithsonian Looks Like a Fortress: Last Week in Art

Also, Jared Leto is producing and starring in an Andy Warhol biopic, written by Terence Winter.


What Will Happen to Brangelina's Critically Acclaimed Wines?

Who knows? Maybe their split wasn’t actually caused by Marion Cotillard or child abuse, but disagreements over making a fabled “Super Provence” wine.


No, the LAPD Is Not Going After Brad Pitt for Child Abuse

UPDATE: The FBI is reportedly investigating.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Protests erupt in North Carolina after a fatal police shooting, Ahmad Rahami is charged with using weapons of mass destruction, Chinese hackers remotely attack the Tesla Model S, and more.