animal fat

    • 9.10.15

      Pure Fat Is Officially the Best New Food Product in the UK

      Top honors at this week's Guild of Fine Food awards go to pure rendered beef fat. But not just any pure rendered beef fat—some rather extraordinary stuff.

    • 9.17.14

      We Should All Be Eating Animal Fat

      Now that it's no longer considered the enemy, we should be fully embracing the animal fats our grandparents cooked with. Plus, anything cooked in lard tastes way better than anything cooked in olive oil.

    • 7.14.14

      You're Probably Drinking Cannibal Cow Milk

      Modern dairy farmers use every tool at their disposal to increase milk yields, and that includes feeding tallow to their herds. That's right: Cows are eating cows, and you're drinking the delicious product of cannibalism.

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