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This Basquiat-Esque Animation Is About Coming to Terms with Fate

Ollie Magee's award-winning 'Fall' takes a primitivist approach to depicting everyday struggles.


‘Fight Club’ and Bret Easton Ellis Meet in a Dystopian Animation

A video by Josh Shaffner takes a trip back in time when the artist was a waiter in LA.


[NSFW] A Boatful of Senior Citizens Get Freaky in this Animated Short

High seas hijinks unfold on a party boat for swinging seniors in 'NSFWhale.'


Brilliant Text Animation Pits Bunny Against Robot

Nathaniel Akin's 'A Tax on Bunny Rabbits' uses text alone to create a charming and funny animation.


Sleepwalkers Will Know How This Animation Feels

Inspired by a García Lorca poem, Theodore Ushev’s 'Sonámbulo/The Sleepwalker' imagines the dreams of a sleepwalking gypsy through an abstract pattern sequence.


Neon Animation Captures the Worst Blind Date Since 'When Harry Met Sally'

Things are going smoothly in Zachary Zezima's 'It's a Date'—that is, until the story shifts into another dimension.


Glimpse the Secret Life of Dogs in this Animated Short

“A Dog’s Life” shows that when humans are away, the dogs will play.


Miyazaki-Inspired Short Follows an AI's Coming of Age

Self-taught 19-year-old animator Ivan Gopienko creates one of the year’s best pieces on artificial intelligence.


A Ghost Visits Loved Ones in a Tender Animation

A Dutch filmmaker looks at the experience of those we leave behind in 'Jorka'.


Filmmaker Bends Reality in an Experimental Animated/Live Action Short

It's hard to separate the real from the fabricated in Jesse Collett's mind-bending 'Boom Is Life.'


Animals Have Stereotypes and Insecurities, Too

Illustrator Ana Mouyis explores cultural expectations in her furry animated film, 'Pussy!'


Seeking a Mahjong Player for the Apocalypse

Let Lei Lei's surreal collage animation 'Missing One Player' take you to the end of the world.