Anish Kapoor


A Man Fell Into a Massive, Fake-Looking Hole at an Art Museum

He literally descended into Anish Kapoor's "Descent into Limbo."


Anish Kapoor Banned Again, Now From Color-Changing Rainbow Paints

The “final blow” in the Anish Kapoor-Stuart Semple color war is two psychedelic, crystalline paints that can’t be purchased by Kapoor.


Anish Kapoor’s Brooklyn Whirlpool Is the Ultimate Summer Hangout

Soak up the sun with a side of existential dread next to Anish Kapoor’s ‘Descension.’


The World's "Mattest, Flattest Black" Acrylic Paint Is Available to All—Except Anish Kapoor

Artist Stuart Semple responds to Vantablack 2.0 with Black 2.0, making it available to anyone who wants it. Anyone, of course, but Anish Kapoor.


The "World’s Blackest Black" Creators Came Out with an Even Blacker Black

Watch Vantablack 2.0 completely flatten a bronze-cast sculpture in this demo video.


25 Major Artists Save an Art School Using Its Charred Remains

With the help of Anish Kapoor and friends, Glasgow School of Art’s historic Mackintosh Building is rising like a phoenix from its ashes.


Greece Rejected Gucci’s Request to Throw a Fashion Show Inside the Parthenon | Last Week in Art

Also in the news last week: a Boston art heist and an Anish Kapoor is set to come to Brooklyn.


Anish Kapoor Is Bringing a Giant Whirlpool to Brooklyn

The Public Art Fund is commissioning the mesmerizing sculpture as part of its 40th anniversary programming.


Two Museums Duked It Out in a Twitter-Fueled Super Bowl Fight | Last Week in Art

Plus, breaking news: Did Mona Lisa have syphilis?


Anish Kapoor Got His Hands on the "Pinkest Pink" Paint | Last Week in Art

And Pope Francis appointed the first female director of the Vatican museums.


Anish Kapoor Is Now Banned From Buying the World’s Most Glittery Glitter

British artist Stuart Semple is back again with a new product that Anish Kapoor can't purchase.


Anish Kapoor is Banned From Buying the World's Pinkest Paint

Artist Stuart Semple has created the world's pinkest pigment—anyone can buy it, well, anyone except Anish Kapoor.