Ann Arbor


How Hippies Turned a College Town into 'The Dope Capital of the Midwest'

In the early 70s, far-left activists got the chance to govern Ann Arbor. The first thing they did was make weed essentially legal.
Adam Woodhead

Months After Workers Unionize, Mighty Good Coffee Will Close Its Cafes

The company said the cafes will close due to "personal family issues," but its non-union roastery remains open.
Tom Perkins

Restaurant Claims That ICE Agents Ate Breakfast and Then Arrested Three Kitchen Staff

"It scares the whole community."
Nick Rose
college football

Ruth's Chris Steak House 'One Percent Discount Per Winning Point Differential' for Michigan vs. Rutgers Game Backfires

They should definitely let Michigan players get the discount as originally promised—they'll need a lot of protein after last night.
Liam Daniel Pierce
food crime

The FBI Wants to Speak to the Guy Who Sprinkled a Suspicious Liquid on a Whole Foods Salad Bar

Last week, an unidentified man walked into a Whole Foods in Michigan, sprinkled an unknown liquid on the to-go food bars, and left.
Wyatt Marshall

Tears, Laughter, and Triumph for a Lesbian Couple in the Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Case

April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse took their challenge of Michigan's gay marriage ban all the way to the Supreme Court. VICE News was with them during their moment of victory.
Liz Fields
officer involved

Ann Arbor Police Shoot Dead Woman Who Was Holding a Knife in Her Home

"Why would you kill her? It was a woman with a knife, it doesn't make any sense," said the deceased's boyfriend.
Please Kill Me

Scott Asheton, Iggy Pop's Brother in Noise

Scott Asheton was the greatest thug-rocker who ever lived. He was the ultimate hoodlum, standing outside of Discount Records in Ann Arbor, Michigan, spitting on cars. He passed away just over a week ago, so I dug up this old conversation, one of the...
Legs McNeil
The Literature Issue

Fiending To Get Off

In a rap game teeming with hungry MCs fiending to get put on, Invincible's story is all about fiending to get off. At 17 she came to NYC from Ann Arbor, MI, and hung out at the Lyricist Lounge, eventually joining the all-female Anomolies posse. She...
Damien McCaffery