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Bangladesh Arrests 3,000 in Sweep Targeting Islamist Militants Suspected in Murders

The crackdown comes after the Islamic State claimed responsibility for three brutal hacking murders targeting religious minorities last week.


Bangladesh Police Arrested an Islamist Militant for the Brutal Murder of Two Gay Rights Activists

The recent murders of Xulhaz Mannan and Mahbub Rabbi Tonoy were part of a recent wave of violence targeting atheists, free thinkers, activists, and religious minorities.


Bangladeshi Students Take to Streets After Activist Is Hacked to Death

Liberal bloggers being attacked with machetes has become a persistent phenomenon in Bangladesh, while the government fails to arrest the murderers and clamps down on freedom of expression.


Bangladesh Hands Death Sentence to Killers of Atheist Blogger

A court has handed the death sentence to two of six people convicted of killing Rajib Haider, following the first prosecution for any of the murders of atheist bloggers in Bangladesh.


Trapped Between Murder and Repression: Life as an Atheist Blogger in Bangladesh

Four bloggers and a publisher have been hacked to death in Bangladesh in 2015. Yet, as the survivor of a previous attack told VICE News, atheist writers there also have to deal with government repression.


Islamic Militant Group Circulates Hit List of International Bloggers and Activists

The list released by Bangladeshi hardline organization Ansarullah Bangla Team follows a series of hacking deaths of bloggers.


Threats, Attacks, and Murders Keep Bloggers in Bangladesh on Edge

The government has banned an Islamist militant group suspected of being behind recent blogger killings, but persecuted commentators argue that it appears to be in league with fundamentalists.


Bangladesh Arrests Prime Suspect in American Blogger Murder

Farabi Shafiur Rahman was detained this morning as he was about to board a bus out of Dhaka. The suspect has reportedly made several death threats against Avijit Roy, the atheist author hacked to death on Thursday.