Anthony Davis


With Anthony Davis, New Orleans Needs to Wait for Boston

The Pelicans have to trade their franchise player. The Celtics want him, and have the best assets, but a CBA rule means they can't offer it until the summer.
Michael Pina
nba free agency

Anthony Davis Trade Watch is Back On

A look at how one of the world's very best young players could respond to a league that increasingly demands sacrifice from its very best.
Michael Pina
NBA playoffs

Here's the Strangest Way New Orleans Unleashes Anthony Davis

There aren't a lot of unique strategies to attack Golden State's defense, but here's one technique the Pelicans have used with their franchise to great success over the past few months.
Michael Pina
NBA Dunk of the Week

NBA Dunk of the Week: Anthony Davis Bangs on Nurk, and We Should All Feel Shame

The New Orleans Pelicans big man so thoroughly banged on Portland's Jusuf Nurkic it's embarrassing.
Corbin Smith
Anthony Davis

It's Time For Anthony Davis to Embrace the Three-Point Line

The New Orleans Pelicans megastar is already dominant. When he starts taking threes on a consistent basis, the whole NBA will be at his mercy.
Michael Pina
the outlet pass

The Outlet Pass: Dirk Back, AD's Child's Play, and Denver's Enjoyable Mess

A weekly roundup of observations, questions, and predictions from Michael Pina's NBA notebook.
Michael Pina

DeMarcus Cousins Might be the NBA's MVP, and That's a Huge Deal

The three-time All-Star has been unprecedentedly dominant this season for the New Orleans Pelicans. With free agency on the horizon, here's why his improved play beside Anthony Davis should have the entire league's attention.
Michael Pina
DeMarcus Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins Wears Panties on Head During Mardi Gras Parade Like True New Orleanian

Boogie and Anthony Davis seem to be enjoying themselves.
Joseph Flynn

How Boogie and the Brow Will Fit with the Pelicans: The NBA Wraparound

DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis could be the most dominant NBA frontcourt duo in decades. Here's how New Orleans can maximize their new Really Big Two.
Adam Mares

With DeMarcus Cousins, the Pelicans Go All In on Big Ball

The New Orleans Pelicans have tried to find a suitable center partner for Anthony Davis for years. DeMarcus Cousins is the best of all worlds.
​Jared Dubin
DeMarcus Cousins

Boogie Cousins in New Orleans Could be a Whole Lot of Fun

Teaming with Anthony Davis could give us a duo like we saw with the Tim Duncan and David Robinson Spurs.
Robert O'Connell
jahlil okafor

Moving To The Pelicans Could Rejuvenate Jahlil Okafor's Career

And it might help out Anthony Davis, too.
John Hugar