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Google waited months to pull a "pray away the gay" app, LGBTQ group says

The app celebrated gay conversion therapy and disparaged the “destructive lifestyles” of LGBTQ people.


Why I'm Marrying My Partner Before Trump Can Take My Rights Away

It's not the kind of wedding ceremony we'd imagined, but it's the legal status we need to get through the next four years.


More Than 300 Hate Crimes Have Been Reported Since the Election

Of the hundreds of alleged incidents the Southern Poverty Law Center has tracked since Wednesday, many invoked Trump's name and took place at schools and college campuses.


Sham Marriages Between Gay Men and Lesbians Are on the Rise in China

We spoke to the filmmaker behind Inside the Chinese Closet, a documentary that follows young gay people in China looking for a fake heterosexual partnership to appease their parents.


Watch This 'VICE' Episode About Uganda's Anti-Gay Leaders Teaching Intolerance to the Youth

In this episode from season three from our HBO show, we went to Uganda to investigate the country's infamous "anti-homosexuality bill" and then looked at the organ black market in Bangladesh.


The New Christian Marketing Group On the Front Lines of the War on Christmas

The consumer advocacy organization Faith Driven Consumer wants to help conservative Christians discover which companies share the same values that they do. But what are those values, exactly?


Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade Stabbing Suspect Identified as 2005 Attacker

Yishai Schlissel had just been released from a 10 year prison sentence for the 2005 stabbing.


The Christian Organization Trying to Convert Austrian Youth with Stories About Dead Celebrities

A group called Soulsaver distributes pamphlets about the evils of homosexuality and the rock 'n roll lifestyle.


Ugandan Lawmaker Calls New Anti-Gay Law a 'Christmas Gift' to the Country

Uganda's legislature will consider the latest draft of a controversial law — titled "The Prohibition of Promotion of Unnatural Sexual Practices" — by December.


Uganda Annuls Its Controversial Anti-Homosexuality Act — On a Technicality

A Ugandan court ruled today that the country’s notorious anti-gay law was “null and void,” in a rare win for LGBT activists.


Uganda's Anti-Gay Witch Hunt Has Officially Begun

The US government is troubled by the law, and has already announced aid cuts on Uganda if the Anti-Homosexuality Act is not overturned.


A Canadian Law School President Won’t Allow Gays in His College

In September 2016, Trinity Western University (TWU) plans to open a Christian law school where gay people would not qualify for admission.