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The next Trump: Dutch liberal voters are throwing their support behind a far-right candidate

Millions of Dutch voters are heading to the polls today to vote in the high-stakes general election.


David Roth's Weak In Review: Talking Back In 2015

This week, two legendary athletes that happen to be Muslim spoke out against a loathsome rising tide of anti-Muslim sentiment, and its author. It kind of stood out.


After Years of Hassling Muslims, ‘The Great Aussie Patriot’ Quits Because Someone Gave Him Shit

The guy who founded the United Patriots Front, an anti-Islamic group, has quit over a Facebook video.


Prayers and Protests at Australia's Most Controversial Mosque

Parramatta Mosque, where 15-year-old Farhad Jabar prayed before shooting a police employee, has become the site of the latest conflict between anti-Muslim activists and their opponents.


The Far-Right Australians Fighting Muslims, the Left, and Each Other

Inside the schisms and drama of Reclaim Australia.


Dutch Politician Plans to Show Images of Prophet Mohammed on National Television

The right-wing, anti-Islam Dutch politician Geert Wilders wants to display the images that were originally shown at the Texas "Draw Mohammed" contest.


Here’s What Happened at the Anti-Islam Protest and 'Draw Muhammad' Contest in Arizona

The event, a response to the recent shooting in Garland, Texas, featured flag-waving, gun-toting demonstrators, and a large counter-protest by anarchists and supporters of religious freedom.


Islamophobes and Anti-Islamophobes Protested Against Each Other in Montreal This Weekend

What was supposed to be a show of force for the anti-Islam movement ended up being the exact opposite when PEGIDA supporters refused to show their faces.


VICE News Capsule - Friday, January 30

Explosion kills at least two people at Mexico City maternity hospital, Germany's anti-Islam movement may be falling apart, Uganda uses drones to protect wildlife, and 3D technology gives parents in Estonia a unique view of their newborn babies.


Uncertain Future for Germany's Anti-Islam Movement

An explosion kills at least two people at a Mexico City maternity hospital, Uganda uses drones to protect wildlife, and more news from around the world.


How India's New Prime Minister Won Over the Tea Party

Narendra Modi may be the first world leader to record a welcome message for an American political action committee.