5 days ago

House Democrats Just Demanded These Neo-Nazi Groups Be Prosecuted as International Terrorists

The Christchurch shooting laid bare the growing global threat of white nationalist terror.


The Germany Synagogue Shooter Is Making No Secret of His Far-Right Motivations to Police

Police were treating his murderous rampage as a far-right terrorist attack even before he confessed on Friday.


Most of the Women’s March Leaders Are Out

The group behind the wildly successful Women’s March on Washington in 2017 is cutting ties with some of its bold-faced names and recommitting to its agenda ahead of 2020.


How Teachers Are Fighting the White Nationalists Brainwashing Their Students

“This will get worse before it gets better.”


PewDiePie's Fans Shamed Him Into Not Donating $50,000 to a Jewish Anti-Hate Group

The YouTube star had previously come under fire for getting praise from white nationalists and the alt-right.


Pretty Much Everyone Is Pissed About Trump's Most Recent Anti-Semitic Tear

The president said that American Jews who vote for Democrats are "disloyal," deploying an old anti-Semitic trope.


Bernie Talks Like a Jewish Man from Brooklyn and You Need to Get Over It

After the Democratic debates, many critiqued Sanders for appearing "angry." Some American Jews, however, saw the comments as ignorant or even anti-Semitic.


Breitbart, Stormfront, and Shapiro: How Man Convicted of Painting Swastikas on Synagogue Says He Got Radicalized

He and his wife drove 50 miles across Indiana to paint huge swastikas on a synagogue and scorch its grounds.


Germany Is Fighting Over How to Respond to Soaring Anti-Semitism

The country's biggest newspaper urged readers on Monday to wear a kippah in support of the Jewish community


The Big Reveal of the Anti-Ilhan Omar Billboard Was a Fail

The rally against Rep. Omar featured a small beat-up truck with a screen instead.


Inside the Far-Right Conspiracy Movement That's Preparing for a Showdown With Germany's Government

“These are people who believe themselves to be in a permanent state of war.”


A self-proclaimed Islamophobe allegedly shot up a synagogue. Some Republicans are blaming Ilhan Omar.

The suspected shooter is a 19-year-old white man. Why are Republicans pointing the finger at Omar?