This SIM Card Forces All of Your Mobile Data Through Tor

"This is about sticking a middle finger up to mobile filtering, mass surveillance."


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Artist Adam Harvey has created a range of textile patterns that fool facial recognition software into seeing multiple faces.


I Replaced My Fingerprints With Prosthetics to Avoid Surveillance

In preparation for an age of biometric data megabreaches, I covered my real fingerprints with replaceable, fully-functional fake ones that are nearly impossible to copy.


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1984-Inspired Fashion Collection Protects Your Phone With Anti-Surveillance Tech

Fashion company The Affair's latest designs include The UnPocket, a detachable pocket that makes your gadgets unhackable and untraceable.


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Mozilla Launches Anti-Surveillance Campaign 'StopWatchingUs'

The campaign and petition is sponsored by a "broad coalition of organizations from across the political and technical spectrum."