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Short answer: Just drop everything and get screened right now.


Meet the 28-Year-Old Geneticist Fighting the Future of Superbugs

The World Health Organization says by 2050, infections caused by ultra-resistant bacteria will be the leading cause of death, but this French scientist may have found the solution.


Antibiotic Resistance Is a Public Health Nightmare — And It's Not Going to Stop

Antibiotics-resistant bacteria are growing due to evolution sped up by improper prescribing. They kill around 23,000 Americans each year, and we're running out of alternative treatments.


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'Probiotic Yogurt' for Chickens Could Help Us Fight Superbugs

Researchers are keen on the idea of sustainable, effective alternatives to antibiotics.


Scientists Found a Way to Make Drug-Resistant Bacteria 'Evolve Backwards'

Use the right antibiotics at the right time can force the bacteria into a pre-resistant state.


The Latest Drug-Resistant Infection Causes Painful, Bloody Diarrhea

The newest drug-resistant bacteria on the scene is a multidrug-resistant form of Shigella, which causes an ugly form of food poisoning.


How Scared Should We Be of the Potentially Deadly Bacteria C. Diff?

A new study says the nasty little guy gives 500,000 people a year a horrible, possibly fatal form of diarrhea.


Gonorrhea Is Making a Comeback in Sweden

Apparently, Swedes between the ages of 20 and 35 suck at practicing safe sex.


A New Report Suggests We Should Be More Worried About Drug-Resistant Bacteria Than Cancer

The UK's ​​Review on Antimicrobial Resistance says antibiotic-resistant bacteria are spreading so fast that untreatable infections might be more likely to kill any given person than cancer in 2050.


Thai Coup Leaders Demand Free World Cup Coverage

They also want free concert tickets and haircuts.