Neckbeard Deathcamp Are a Nazi-Stomping Black Metal Phenomenon

These unlikely leftist metal heroes turned a joke into a rising extreme metal force. Stream 'United Antifascist Evil,' their new split with Gaylord.


Tom Waits’ New Song of Anti-Fascist Resistance Needed More Teeth

Waits and Marc Ribot's cover of the Italian partisans' anthem "Bella Ciao" should've honored modern revolutionaries, not a milquetoast march.


Riding the New Wave of Anti-Fascist Black Metal

Anti-fascist black metal is everywhere all of a sudden, so we put together a heap of recommendations for Nazi-smashing metalheads, including Redbait, Underdark, Yovel, and more.


Unmasking Gaylord, Black Metal's Latest Anti-Fascist Enigma

A chat with the mastermind behind a Nazi-punching new black metal album that's burning up the Bandcamp metal charts.


Antifa Activists Are Freaking Out About a Proposed 'Unmasking' Law

The bill targets antifascist and anarchist protesters who use "black bloc" tactics to challenge the alt-right.


British Noiseniks Gnod Want You to 'Just Say No to The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine'

Grab a bandana and stream "Bodies for Money" off the hypnotic new album from these Salford Krautrockers.


Anti-Fascists Ruined a Speech by the Leader of the French National Front in England Last Night

But lots of students thought she should be allowed to debate in the name of free speech.


A History of Antifascists Beating the Shit Out of Racist Boneheads

Remembrance Sunday is the high point in the UK white pride calendar—a day for the fascist National Front (NF) to sully the day with their presence, while others try to stop them.


Polish Fascists Attacked a London Family Music Festival on Saturday

They assaulted several people, including a man who was stabbed in the ensuing melee.


We Spent Last Night Watching Greek Antifascists Clash with the Police

Last night, more than 5,000 people stormed the streets in Athens to protest against the first political homicide in Greece since the early 90s. A 34-year-old antifa activist and rapper, locally known as "Killah P" was stabbed twice on Tuesday evening...


An Antifascist Rapper Was Murdered in Athens Last Night

It's Crunch-Time for Greece's Party of Neo-Nazi Thugs