Video Games

The EU Is Pissed at Steam for Region-Locking Games

The European Commission is mad at Valve, Capcom, ZeniMax, and other publishers for region-locking activation keys and allegedly preventing cross-border sales.
Matthew Gault

Spotify Files Antitrust Complaint Against 'Apple Tax' In EU

Spotify alleges that Apple uses its ownership over iOS and the App Store to impose an 'Apple tax' that stifles competition.
Rob Dozier
big tech

If We're Going to Break Up Big Tech, We Shouldn’t Forget Big Telecom

Senator Elizabeth Warren proposed breaking up tech giants Facebook, Google, and Amazon on Friday—but big telecom is in dire need of the same treatment.
Karl Bode

US Courts Just Greenlit AT&T’s Anti-Competitive Ambition for Decades to Come

AT&T’s $86 billion merger with Time Warner will result in higher rates and competition issues, but thanks to lobbying and weakened antitrust oversight, government can’t do a damn thing about it.
Karl Bode
Late Capitalism

Jeff Bezos Is So Powerful He Basically Dictates the Minimum Wage Now

The Amazon CEO announced he's upping pay for his workers, which could force competitors to follow suit and bolster his own image, too.
Allie Conti

A $5 Billion Fine Will Not End Google’s Stranglehold on Smartphone Software

In order to license Android, phone manufacturers are subject to a rigid set of requirements meant to drive mobile search traffic to Google.
Daniel Oberhaus
Noisey News

That Live Nation-Ticketmaster Merger Looks as Shady as Everyone Suspected

The Department of Justice is reportedly investigating Live Nation for antitrust violations which, yeah, everyone basically figured would be the case.
Alex Robert Ross

Trump is Doubling Down on Obama and Bush's Legacy of Going Soft on Antitrust Problems

The last three US presidents have all had relatively weak stances on busting monopolies, which has led to worsening America's income inequality.
Jasper Craven

European Commission Fines Google $2.7 Billion for Breaking Antitrust Rules

Google may also have to pay daily fines if it doesn't change.
Ben Sullivan
short circuit

Democrats Weigh Antitrust Effort Against Silicon Valley

Hillary Clinton is close to the tech set.
Sam Gustin
short circuit

Europe: Google Abuses Its Position With Restrictions on Android Devices

The European Commission has filed a statement of objections regarding Google practices it claims breach antitrust rules.
Joseph Cox
college sports

Four Years A Student-Athlete: The Racial Injustice of Big-Time College Sports

While the NCAA’s rules governing college athletes are colorblind, the impact of amateurism is anything but—disproportionately costing black football and men's basketball players and benefiting white stakeholders by as much as $2 billion a year.
Patrick Hruby