Antonin Scalia


Neil Gorsuch Is Donald's Pick for the Supreme Court

The 49-year-old judge is a selection that the conservative right will likely embrace.


Why Liberals Should Be Terrified of Trump's Supreme Court Pick

When it comes to the country's highest court, far-right social conservatives will be guiding the next president's hand.


Supreme Court to Hear Challenge to Obama Immigration Order Shielding 4 Million From Deportation

On Monday the court will hear Texas and 25 other states' argument against the president's 2014 executive order that aims to "bring undocumented immigrants out of the shadows."


Saved by the Split: Supreme Court 4-4 Ruling Upholds Public Sector Union Decision

The divided decision highlighted the potential impact of Antonin Scalia's death on a slate of important rulings pending in the court.


Missouri's Legislature Has Teed Up More Than a Dozen Anti-Abortion Bills So Far This Year

Missouri lawmakers are working to restrict access to abortion with state-level laws whose fate could eventually be determined by the late Justice Antonin Scalia's replacement on the US Supreme Court.


The Supreme Court Just Rejected a Lawsuit That Could Have Derailed Weed Legalization

The Supreme Court declined to hear a lawsuit filed by Nebraska and Oklahoma against Colorado over the state's legalization and regulation of marijuana.


White House Holding Interviews With Five Potential Supreme Court Justice Nominees

The Obama administration is interviewing five candidates to replace Justice Antonin Scalia after his death last month. But the path to confirmation remains fraught.


Scalia's Absence Looms Large as Supreme Court Hears Biggest Abortion Case in Decades

With a vacant seat on the bench, the future of US abortion law will likely hinge on a swing vote by Justice Anthony Kennedy.