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Recording My Therapy Sessions Helped Ease My Panic Disorder

When I listened to the recordings, it felt like half of the conversation was totally new to me.
Gwen van der Zwan

Are Women Inherently More Anxious Than Men?

A new study says women are more prone to anxiety disorders than men—but is it as straightforward as it seems?
Eleanor Morgan
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I Survived a Panic Attack and All I Got Was General Anxiety

This week, my new therapist and I did some detective work and stumbled upon something that in 15 years of panic attacks I had never discovered before.
So Sad Today

What No One Tells You About Life After Mental Illness

No one ever really "recovers" from a mental illness, but we need to get better at talking about how you get your life back.
Jessica Brown

'Eat Clean'? The Smug Instagram Lifestyle Might Not Be So Healthy After All

A "healthy eating" anxiety disorder known as Orthorexia can ruin your health, sex life, and make you cry about fruit.
Helen Nianias

I Found Inner Peace with a Healing Crystal Dildo

Chakrubs are a line of sex toys made of crystals, which are said to contain metaphysical properties to help the user overcome past relationships, create emotional stability, and guard against negativity—all while masturbating.
Alison Stevenson

Anxiety Is Slowly Killing Me

There is nothing more uncomfortable than feeling as though you are not in complete control of the systems that function within you. You know there is no logical reason for feeling this way. And yet, in spite of it all, you do.
Megan Koester
The VICE Guide to Mental Health

My Fear of Vomit: The Nightmare of Living with Emetophobia

The one thought that completely invades my brain when I'm awake (and even, at times, in my sleep) is: "Will I vomit today?"
The VICE Guide to Mental Health

Why Mental Health Disorders Emerge in Your Early 20s

Is the appearance of mental illness in young people a matter of environment or biology?
Hanson O'Haver
VICE vs Video games

Experiencing ‘Deep,’ the Virtual Reality Game That Relieves Anxiety Attacks

Owen Harris's game is so effective at calming stress it has made grown men cry.
Joe Donnelly
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​Keep Your Friends Close but Your Anxiety Closer

It's weird to hear someone express sympathy for mental illness in the way they might for a physical illness. Why is that?
So Sad Today
Girl Writer

My Anxiety Is Making Me Nervous

I told myself at an early age that it was OK for me to carry around the constant worry and never-ending feelings of fear. I was wrong.
Alison Stevenson