Trump enjoys a relaxing trip to Asia, relatively speaking

A lot of stuff happened while Trump was away, though, including brutal election night defeats for the GOP, as well as disturbing allegations against important Senate candidate Roy Moore, who’s accused of molesting a 14-year-old girl back when he was 3...


Justin Trudeau Steps Off a Plane in the Philippines and Into a Pile of Canadian Garbage

When he landed in Manila Tuesday, a red carpet was waiting for Justin Trudeau along with fresh pressure from local activists to clean up at least 50 containers of garbage a Canadian company shipped to the Philippines in 2013.


China Unveils New Rocket, People Get Real Curious About What It's For

China's new FT-1 rocket can be launched from a truck, but carries a relatively small payload. Is it for sending satellites into space — or for blowing them out of the sky?


Obama Travels to China and Climate Change is High on the Agenda

The US and China account for roughly half of the world's annual carbon pollution and environmental groups are pushing the two countries to increase their commitments on reducing emissions.