China’s Niche Market for Bull Penis Is Small But Powerful

I’m in China testing out one of its most ancient aphrodisiacs: bull penis soup. I ventured to one of the few shops that serve it in Hangzhou to see if it lives up to his medicinal hype.
Noelle Mateer

This ‘Come Fuck Me’ Pasta Recipe Is Going Viral for All the Wrong Reasons

Come Fuck Me Penne à la Vodka, a mouthful in more ways than one, was conceived by and for straight women only—specifically, the “single women of Manhattan.” And while most claims of food making people horny have been met with skepticism and reports of...
Nick Rose

Bootleg Four Loko Is Being Sold in China as 'Lose Virginity Liquor'

Vendors and sellers operating on online shopping portals are marketing Loko under some pretty enticing logos: “Blackout in a can,” “deflowered wine”, and shi shen jiu, meaning “lose virginity liquor.”
Alex Swerdloff

Marijuana Is a Natural Aphrodisiac—If You Don't Get Too Dang High

Men: Maybe don't eat that 120 mg weed edible if you don't want a crippling stoner boner.
Madison Margolin

Red Wine and Berries Are Good for Boners

Modern science has largely taken the food (and fun) out of male erectile problems by reducing the antidote to a little blue pill. Why not use one form of hunger to enhance another?
Nick Rose

Jamaica's Famous Aphrodisiac Soup Got Me High, But Didn't Get Me Off

Mannish water, the classic Jamaican dish made from the balls and meat of a male goat, claims to leave a man with loins burning so hard, he’ll need to call an ambulance. I recently tried some that got me pretty hyped-up.
Tom Jones

Can the Nasty Smell of This Mushroom Actually Give Women Instant Orgasms?

The Internet, it goes without saying, is a very, very strange place. A few days ago, stories about a mushroom with an aroma that could instantly cause women to orgasm went viral. Could this shit actually be true?
Alex Swerdloff

Female Viagra Ice Cream Is a Food-Sex Combo Nobody Asked For

Everyone likes ice cream and sex—what’s not to like? So goes the thinking of the British company behind aphrodisiac-spiked dessert, Vice Cream.
Alice Tate

The 26-Ingredient, Aphrodisiac Energy Smoothie That Keeps the Andes Wired

Milk, brandy, baby formula, bull's eyes, raw eggs, and 21 other ingredients create Mérida’s token aphrodisiac energy smoothie known as <i>levantón Andino</i>. And people love it.
Alexandra Baumhardt

I Sold Culinary Crack to Michelin-Starred Chefs

Getting weird text message requests 24 hours a day and clearing out entire subway cars because of a stinky scent are the norm when you're slinging truffles. I've had to watch chefs inappropriately fondle my product so that I can offload something that...
Helen Hollyman

Fucking Stoned: The Search for a Weed-Based Aphrodisiac

"It's hard to identify universal truths when it comes to cannabis and pleasure."
David Bienenstock

I Ate Myself Horny at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark

At Denmark's most famous music festival, I sat down to a four-course aphrodisiac dinner that promised to stir my animal urges with crispy balls of blood pudding, “hay milk” cheese, and a hell of a lot of booze.
Lars Eriksen