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Supreme Court Weighs Whether Apple’s App Store Is a Monopoly

Looming Supreme Court ruling could impact antitrust enforcement for years.
Karl Bode
Internet Insecurity

Popular Mac Anti-Adware App ‘Surreptitiously Steals’ Your Browsing History, Researchers Say

Researchers allege the developers of Adware Doctor, the 4th highest ranking paid app in the Mac App Store, have found a way to bypass Apple restrictions and collect sensitive user data.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

12 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your iPhone on iOS 11

Your iPhone can do more than you know. With these iOS tricks, you’ll increase your battery life, get access to exclusive apps, connect your phone to a surround-sound system, and figure out who’s calling by the way it vibrates.
Martin Pfaffenzeller

Apple Bans Cryptocurrency Mining In App Store

Apple recently updated its developer policies to ban apps that mine cryptocurrencies like Monero on user devices.
Jordan Pearson
Die With Me

This Chatroom Only Opens When Your Phone’s About to Die

A whole new, almost-dead world.
Samantha Cole
What Is the iPhone?

Apple’s Long History of Rejecting 'Objectionable Content’ From the App Store

This is the story of technology’s most important walled garden.
Louise Matsakis

Pepe Is Banned From the Apple App Store

Apple says Pepe is 'objectionable content.' Feels bad, man.
Jason Koebler
Louise Matsakis
the unbearable whiteness of being a tech company

That Viral 'FaceApp' Is Making Everyone Look Whiter

People are accusing the popular photo app of racism for whitewashing their faces.
Sarah Emerson
Dron't Track Me Bro

Apple Just Banned the App That Tracks US Drone Strikes, Again

The tech company really doesn’t want you to use this app, banning it thirteen times over five years.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Truth in Advertising

Why Mobile Game Ads Look Nothing Like the Game

Mobile Strike TV ads make it look like the next Call of Duty. It's nothing like that. Why is that allowed?
Jess Joho

'Super Mario Run,' a Record-Breaking App Store Launch, Disappoints Analysts

Nintendo's first in-house mobile game pulls in huge launch numbers, but other factors may hurt profits.
Leif Johnson

Apple Is Taking the Fight Against AIDS to Apps

The company is expanding its work with the Product (RED) initiative to in-app purchases on the collaboration’s 10th anniversary.
Nicholas Deleon