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Next Game from the Developers of ‘Journey’ Is Exclusive to Apple (For Now)

‘Sky’ is a “romantic, social” game that you can play with a single finger.
Patrick Klepek
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What to Take Away From Apple WWDC 2016

Apple’s latest developer conference brought some major changes to the software that powers the iPhone and the Mac.
Nicholas Deleon
The Motherboard Guide to Cord Cutting

The State of Cord Cutting Today, By the Numbers

Some of the numbers in the cord cutting game will take your breath away.
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Daily Burn Is a Livestreaming Service for Workout Videos and People Are Obsessed

A streaming workout video service called DailyBurn 365 is part of growing online movement to make health and fitness attainable for complete novices.
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Why HBO Now Is Struggling to Find Viewers

Cord cutters had begged HBO for years for a streaming version of the channel, but the final product had some strange strings attached.
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Sling TV Is Finally Updating Its Woeful UI

Still no word why the commercials are so damn loud, though.
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Developers Flex Their Apple TV Muscle, But Is It Enough to Win Over Consumers?

While new Apple TV apps are much improved over the first wave, consumers still have plenty of options when it comes to streaming popular services.
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Online Black Friday Deals Are Just as Good as Offline Ones, Says the Wirecutter

Friends don’t let friends spend money unwisely.
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Here’s How Cord Cutters Can Watch Real Madrid Take On Barcelona In El Clásico

Watching Real Madrid take on Barcelona this year couldn’t be easier for people without cable.
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Apple TV Made Talking to My TV Seem Totally Normal

The latest Apple TV combines the immediate benefits of Siri voice control with the promise and potential of an App Store.
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Apple Doesn’t Want Talks About Hacking on Apple TV

The Chaos Computer Club had its Apple TV app rejected for including videos on hacking and jailbreaking.
J.M. Porup

Tim Cook Says This One Feature Is Apple Music's Secret Sauce

Apple’s streaming music service is now roughly one-fifth as large as Spotify.
Nicholas Deleon