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'Vice' on HBO Tackles Criminal Justice Reform and Youth Incarceration

Here's how you can help at risk youth from becoming an incarceration statistic.
Impact Staff
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Ex-Juvenile Detainees Get Job Training and a Second Chance at This Dallas Restaurant

Dropping recidivism rates, one new job at a time.
Eric Kingrea
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These Startups Think Jobs Not Sentences Help Keep Ex-Offenders Out of Jail

Some young Londoners are on a mission to help reduce reoffending rates by employing inmates on release.
Alice Rowsome

This New Jobs Platform Matches Ex-Offenders With Employers

Anywhere between 60 and 75 percent of ex-offenders are still unemployed a year after their release, so this new technology wants to bring those numbers down.
Kimberly Lawson

VICE's Apprenticeship Program Is Changing the Justice System Narrative

VICE joined a New York state initiative to help people with criminal records get work, and urges other companies to join the pledge.
Aaron Barksdale

We're Launching an Apprentice Program for Formerly Incarcerated People

Starting early next year, we'll welcome formerly incarcerated people to work with us at our Brooklyn office in production, editorial, marketing, and other creative roles.
VICE Staff
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Get Your Dose of MUNCHIES on the Latest Daily VICE

Today on Daily VICE, editor-in-chief Helen Hollyman speaks to living food legend Jacques Pépin, who helped to redefine the American palate through his culinary identity on TV.
Munchies Staff