Massive Atlantic Salmon Escape Blamed on the Eclipse

Tribal fishermen say the fish farm owner is using the eclipse as an excuse.


Salmon Raised on Land Could Be the Future of Seafood

For cheap marine protein to become a staple in the home and restaurant kitchens of the future, it will also require a change in attitude.


What If We Had All Listened to NASA and Started Eating Krill?

We spoke to a bunch of marine researchers about what it would have been like if we actually started eating tons of krill like a NASA report once suggested.


Obama's Marine Monument Could Spell Disaster for New England Fishermen

Although conservationists are hailing the president’s move as “phenomenally exciting,” fishermen in the area are not so psyched.


The Future of NYC's Oysters Lies in a Bunch of Used Toilets

In an effort to reclaim that history and restore the ecosystem of Jamaica Bay—a body of water located to the south of Long Island, not far from JFK Airport—the city of New York is littering the bay with broken toilets.


We Are About to Hit the Point of No Return for Sustainable Fishing

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization just released its biannual State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture report and the findings are unsettling to say the least.


China Is Reportedly Training a 'Maritime Militia' to Patrol the Disputed South China Sea

The training includes lessons on "safeguarding Chinese sovereignty," search and rescue operations, and dealing with disasters — or foreign ships — at sea.


Pacific Bluefin Tuna Are Really, Really, Really Doomed

Bluefin is considered to be at only 2.6 percent of the population it would be at if it were unfished. That’s down from a previous assessment of 4.2 percent.


I Ate Iguana and Venomous Lionfish with New York’s Elite

The Explorer's Club’s famous dinner is reputed to be like something out of Andrew Bergman's The Freshman, with a hearty dash of Indiana Jones thrown in for good measure.


Farming Fish and Lettuce in the Egyptian Desert

Against the odds, one Egyptian farm is attempting to grow fish and produce in the Sahara—but is this a real oasis or just a mirage?


Why Brooklyn Needs a Japanese-Style Fish Market

When I see American fishermen properly handling and packaging fish in the way it deserves, I would love to pay them for the trouble of performing ikejime. That’s how I want to change the American seafood culture from the bottom up.


Russia Is Trying to Mend a 60-Year-Old Land Dispute Through Fishing Rights

Something as petty as technically still being at war isn’t stopping the Russian Federation from offering Japan the right to develop fisheries and other forms of aquaculture around the disputed islands.