More Than Half of Wild Coffee Species Are at Risk of Extinction

Wild coffee is not normally harvested, but it is crucial to the sustainability of cultivated varieties like Arabica and Rustica.


Market Experts Say We Could Be Running Out of Coffee

According to market analysts, Britain’s increased consumption of coffee has created a “structural imbalance” between supply and demand that could lead to an imminent coffee shortage.


Vietnamese Iced Coffee Is the Only Way to Cure Jetlag

If there’s one thing in Vietnam that can fend off jetlag, it’s ca phe sua da, an iced coffee made from heady Robusta beans brewed through a Vietnamese coffee filter and sweetened with syrupy condensed milk.


A Bristol Rave Was Nearly Ruined By Coffee Rust

Organisers of the world’s first coffee rave have had their supply of beans depleted due to “coffee rust,” a fungal disease destroying coffee plants in the Dominican Republic.


Coffee Beans Have Their Own Class System

Robusta coffee beans have been dogged by deep, long-standing prejudice in the java industry. One London company is hoping to spearhead a revival because global warming and increased international demand means quality coffee supplies can't come from...