Asemblance: Oversight

Diving Down the Rabbit Hole of an ARG

It’s really fun to jump into a community actively plumbing the depths of a game’s secrets.
Danielle Riendeau
Asemblance: Oversight

Memory Is a Mystery in this Conspiracy-Driven Sci-Fi Puzzler

The sequel to 2016's minor stream phenomenon 'Asemblance' is everything that game was and more, with wild imagery and even wilder puzzles.
Danielle Riendeau
Elite: Dangerous

After Nearly Two Years of Searching, Players Found Aliens in ‘Elite: Dangerous’

One lucky player stumbled upon creatures the game has been hinting at.
Patrick Klepek
Frog Fractions

Inside the Development of Gaming's Biggest Mystery, 'Frog Fractions 2'

For several years, designer Jim Crawford has been promising a sequel his bizarre (and beloved) 2012 game. It's finally here.
Patrick Klepek

Alternate Reality Game Experts Built An Advent Calendar To Help You Understand How ARGs Work

If you've ever wanted to become one of those people who spends a dozen hours staring at EXIF data and source code for clues, now's your time.
Patrick Klepek
Locative Media

How the Tech Behind 'Pokemon Go' Has Been Powering Games for Decades

Locative media has been here since the 90s, but we're only just beginning to see it's full potential now.
Nicole Pacampara

Everything We Can Tell You About ‘This House Has People in It’

The co-director of 'Unedited Footage of a Bear' talks about the origins of Adult Swim’s latest 4 AM infomercial.
DJ Pangburn
Here Be Dragons

Don't Blame Slender Man for the Schoolgirl Stabbing

The most bizarre aspect of the Wisconsin stabbings, by far, is the involvement of Slender Man, an internet phenomenon that's sent journalists around the world scrambling for their Google machines with predictably miserable results.
Martin Robbins