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Fashion Cat is on the red carpet interviewing Ariel Pink about what it means to chase negative publicity. It's a laugh and a half.
Alex Schubert

Holy Moly, Is Ariel Pink the Male Version of Grimes?

Maybe Ariel Pink really is a 26-year-old Canadian synth-pop goddess, except with a penis.
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The Dirty Laundry Issue

November Music Reviews

We loved Grouper, hated Deerhoof, tried really hard to hate the Foo Fighters, and told a lot of stories about ourselves that probably aren't true.
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Listen to R. Stevie Moore's 'Everybody Is So Ignorant'

R. Stevie Moore has released more than 400 recording projects since 1968. The latest addition to his storied catalog is a single called "Everybody Is So Ignorant," and you can listen to it right here.
Charlie Ambler

Sorry, Halloween Is Kind of Awful

Despite my best efforts, I never have fun on Halloween. It's a dumb holiday where people are encouraged to be dumb.
Dave Schilling

Thurston Moore, Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, and White Mystery Play Station to Station's Chicago Event

We left Pittsburgh this morning and are halfway through our ten-hour trek to Chicago. At the moment, the train is passing through Cleveland, Ohio. I watch the abandoned factories pass by and then fall asleep. All of a sudden, it’s 5:01 again and the...
River Donahey

The Dudes Behind Burger Records Feel Like Suge Knight Right Now

Burger Records was started by Sean Bohrman and Lee Rickard in Fullerton, California, five years ago. It has since become the musical juggernaut that hosts Burgerama, the two-day festival with groups like Ariel Pink and Black Lips. We sent Mike Abu down...
Mike Abu

Michael Alan Releases His Album Featuring Ariel Pink, Odd Nosdam, Boredoms, And His Own Parents

<p>The New York-based artist continues his revolution of the traditional art space with sound.</p>
Abdullah Saeed

Here's Why Ariel Pink, Odd Nosdam, Jello Biafra, And Japanther All Make Music With Michael Alan

<p>The New York artist&#8217;s deranged performance art, drawings, and paintings draw together an eclectic mix of musical collaborators.</p>
Abdullah Saeed
The Natives Issue

Secret Sounds

If you’ve ever heard an Ariel Pink record you’ll know that his music somehow sounds like everything and nothing at the same time.
Les Panini