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This $100 Million Noah's Ark Theme Park Is a Boring, Homophobic Mess

Kentucky's Ark Encounter theme park was designed to be entertaining to Creationists and non-Creationists alike. I was not entertained.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

Opening Day at Kentucky's Creationist Ark Encounter

Photographer Samantha Friend visited the Creation Museum's 510-foot long replica of Noah's Ark, complete with model dinosaurs.
Samantha Friend

I Ate a Biblical Burger Aboard a $100 Million Ark

I visited the the Ark Encounter—a Christian theme park whose crowning attraction is a 510-foot-long ark that was built based on specifications written in the Old Testament account of Noah—to see if the food on offer was as epic as the ship.
Ashlie Stevens
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Kentucky Creationists Have Built a Life-Size Noah's Ark Replica, Complete with Dinosaurs

The 510-foot ark comes with cages of animal statues Creationists believe were onboard with Noah and the fam about 6,000 years ago.
VICE Staff

$100 Million Noah's Ark Attraction with Zip Line Spurs Protests

Using grants and tax breaks, a Kentucky ministry has opened a life-sized model of Noah's ark. Freethinkers, secularists, and atheists are pissed.
Kimberly Lawson

Creationists Are Building a Real-Life Noah's Ark

A fundamentalist Christian organization announced the opening of a theme park that features a 510-foot-long, biblically-accurate replica of Noah's Ark. We spoke to the man building the religious version of Disney World.
Belinda Cai