arming teachers


The Florida Senate just voted to let teachers bring guns into the classroom

The bill is now expected to sail through the Republican-controlled House.


"We can't turn society into an armed camp": New York is trying to ban teachers from carrying guns

“We can’t turn our whole society into an armed camp. I think that’s misguided.”


Parkland safety commission's solution to prevent school shootings? More guns in schools.

"We don’t want it, but it’s necessary. This is a new day. It’s a new world.”


5 takeaways from Betsy Devos’ 9-month investigation into school safety

Recommendations on gun control are largely absent from the 177-page report.


Betsy DeVos is considering allowing schools to use federal money to buy guns, report says

But it's not clear exactly how the Department of Education would make that happen.


This Ohio group has trained more than 1,000 teachers to carry guns

Established after the Sandy Hook massacre in 2013, FASTER has worked with 225 school districts in 12 states.


Teachers and cops keep accidentally firing guns in schools

Two separate incidents on Tuesday come as legislators push for more programs to arm teachers and administrators.


Here’s all the states where teachers already carry guns in the classroom

Florida will be the latest place where school staff can pack heat.


Trump proposes arming teachers while meeting with school shooting survivors

He was photographed holding a note reminding him to let the survivors know, "I hear you."